Build ResultNameAuthorSummaryCategories
Success AviAirdrop Sam RocketMod airdrop plugin Mechanics
Success CallVote Revived Arechi Voting system for things to happen Admin Tools, Chat Related, Fun
Success FeexHitman Freenex Set bounties on other players. Fun, Informational, Mechanics
Success FeexAFK Freenex Simple afk plugin. Informational
Success FeexLimiter Freenex Limit accounts which are trying to connect to your server. Admin Tools, Anti-Griefing Tools
Success FeexGeoBlock Freenex Geo IP Whitelist/Blacklist. Admin Tools, Miscelangelous
Success FeexExp Freenex Simple plugin to give yourself or others experience with additional functions. Admin Tools, Mechanics
Success FeexRanks Freenex MySQL based ranks with reward functions. Economy, Informational, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success Events Plugin4U Fun, Role Playing
Success SayAs Plugin4U Chat Related, Fun
Success Arena Spawn Protection ic3w0lf Arena Spawn Protection by ic3w0lf
Success AdvancedChatControl Teyhota Complete control over the chat! Admin Tools, Chat Related
Success [SDPlugins] Auto Opening Doors SDPlugins An auto door opener Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success Breakfast Utilities: Owner Checker defcon42 An Unturned plugin for checking who owns structures. Admin Tools, Anti-Griefing Tools, Informational
Success GroupLimiter Arechi Limit amount of same group members Admin Tools
Success NameKicker Teyhota Restrict players from connecting to your server based on their username. Admin Tools, Chat Related
Success CustomKits Teyhota Save/Load kits ideal for creative servers! Developer Tools, Fun, Mechanics, Role Playing
Success MOTDgd – Advertisement for your Unturned server LinhyCZ Monetization platform for Unturned servers. Admin Tools, Chat Related, Economy, Informational
Success Breakfast Utilities: Anti Admin Abuse defcon42 Chat messages for when players use abusive commands Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success Duty Revived persiafighter Let your staff do their job! Admin Tools, Mechanics
Broken SwitchPosition LeiteDEVaca Admin Tools, Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success VACKicker kouwasi Kick the user that VAC record exists Admin Tools, Informational
Success AdminWarnings sharkbound Warn players with configurable punishments Admin Tools, Informational, Mechanics
Success DirectMessenger Teyhota Quickly send and receive private messages. Admin Tools, Chat Related, Fun
Success Gun Game NightFish A custom game mode for Unturned servers running Rocket Mod, based on Gun Game for Counter Strike Source (Arms Race) Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous