Build ResultNameAuthorSummaryCategories
Success Player Info Library cartman-2000 Addes a more advanced/detailed investigate command. Admin Tools, Developer Tools, Informational
Success Join/Leave Messages cartman-2000 Simple plugin that adds messages to the server when someone joins or leaves the server. Chat Related, Informational
Success FPS Cap cartman-2000 Adds a configurable TPS limit to the server, and readds the TPS command. Admin Tools, Informational
Success Wrecking Ball Revived cartman-2000 Destroy stuff in the server to clear lag Admin Tools, Anti-Griefing Tools, Informational
Success WebsiteCommands sharkbound lets server owners easily make commands that prompt the player to open a link Admin Tools, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success AdminWarnings sharkbound Warn players with configurable punishments Admin Tools, Informational, Mechanics
Success Dynmap 2 Alec123445 Webpage map showing player positions Admin Tools, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success FeexRanks Freenex MySQL based ranks with reward functions. Economy, Informational, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success MOTDgd – Advertisement for your Unturned server LinhyCZ Monetization platform for Unturned servers. Admin Tools, Chat Related, Economy, Informational
Success IsAbusing? Alexr03 Checks to see if a admin is abusing. Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success VACKicker kouwasi Kick the user that VAC record exists Admin Tools, Informational
Success Death Messages Remastered M0RG4N Death Messages Remastered Chat Related, Informational, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success AdminHelp Zilothewolf Helping chat for admins Admin Tools, Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success Rules persiafighter Rules for servers Admin Tools, Chat Related, Informational, Role Playing
Success PLSTimedSpy Dreiken Auto-Spier that stores screenshots Admin Tools, Informational
Success MOTD doozzik Shows up to 4 colored messages in chat to connected players Chat Related, Informational
Success DeathManager KSean announcements when a player dies Chat Related, Informational
Success FeexAFK Freenex Simple afk plugin. Informational
Success SpyAll sharkbound Screenshots all players connected to the server Admin Tools, Informational
Success MessageAnnouncer fr34kyn01535 Automatic serverwide broadcasts Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success Votifier fr34kyn01535 Gain more votes on server lists by offering customizable reward bundles Informational, Website Administration
Success FeexHitman Freenex Set bounties on other players. Fun, Informational, Mechanics
Success StatKeeper CryReaper Track, view, and reward player stats. Informational, Mechanics