Build ResultNameAuthorSummaryCategories
Success FeexGeoBlock Freenex Geo IP Whitelist/Blacklist. Admin Tools, Miscelangelous
Success FeexRanks Freenex MySQL based ranks with reward functions. Economy, Informational, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success [SDPlugins] Auto Opening Doors SDPlugins An auto door opener Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success Breakfast Utilities: Anti Admin Abuse defcon42 Chat messages for when players use abusive commands Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous
Broken SwitchPosition LeiteDEVaca Admin Tools, Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success Gun Game NightFish A custom game mode for Unturned servers running Rocket Mod, based on Gun Game for Counter Strike Source (Arms Race) Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success uEssentials leonardosc All in one Admin Tools, Chat Related, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success AdvancedSpawnProtection sharkbound Gives players spawn protection on join and or respawn Admin Tools, Anti-Griefing Tools, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success WebsiteCommands sharkbound lets server owners easily make commands that prompt the player to open a link Admin Tools, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success CustomSpawnPoints sharkbound Allows admins to create custom spawn points Admin Tools, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success EasyAmmo sharkbound Gives you magazines for the gun you are holding Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success Regions Trojaner (UPDATED 06.11.2016) A plugin which provides configurable regiones for Unturned Admin Tools, Anti-Griefing Tools, Miscelangelous, Role Playing
Success Dynmap 2 Alec123445 Webpage map showing player positions Admin Tools, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success Blacklist Drivers Alexr03 Disallow players from driving Admin Tools, Anti-Griefing Tools, Miscelangelous
Success IsAbusing? Alexr03 Checks to see if a admin is abusing. Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success Death Messages Remastered M0RG4N Death Messages Remastered Chat Related, Informational, Mechanics, Miscelangelous
Success AdminHelp Zilothewolf Helping chat for admins Admin Tools, Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous
Success Airdrop Manager CryTheSly Have mass airdrops and timed airdrops Fun, Mechanics, Miscelangelous, Role Playing
Success TPA LeeIzaZombie Players can send teleport requests to other players. Fun, Miscelangelous
Success MessageAnnouncer fr34kyn01535 Automatic serverwide broadcasts Chat Related, Informational, Miscelangelous