Warn players with configurable punishments

Change Log (10/17/2016):

  • Updated libraries to fix possible issue


Lets admins warn players with configurable punishments,

Command Usage example: /warn bob “spawn camping” or /warn bob,   both work,


/warns <player> will get that players warnings, or if you just do /warns it will show your warnings


About the Config file:

  • WarningsToTrigger – Amount of warnings a player needs to trigger this warning point
  • KickPlayer – if this is true it will kick the player when a player reaches this warning point
  • BanPlayer – if this is true it will ban the player with the time (in seconds) from the next config option
  • BanLengthSeconds – This only applies if BanPlayer is true, if it is true then this is the time the player will be banned for when they reach this warning

Additonal Notes:

  • Once a player reaches the highest warning point their warnings will be reset
  • To create more warning points copy/paste the default one
  • Dont have KickPlayer and BanPlayer both true in the same warning point, it will kick them but not ban them
  • if you warn them with a reason and the warning point they are at bans or kicks them it will include a reason in the ban/kick message
  • By default kick/ban messages from warnings are show for everyone in chat, warnings are not by default. You can change these values in the config file

Suggested Features:

  • none currently


  • /warn : warn
  • /removewarn : removewarn
  • /warns : warnings

Planned features:

  • None currently

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