Blacklist Drivers
Disallow players from driving

Blacklist Drivers


In this plugin, it allows you to blacklist certain drivers from driving vehicles, so it is helpful to ban users from driving vehicles.

In the configuration, due to there is only one configurable option at this point in time if it is set to false, the plugin will unload, so don’t change it yet 😀

Commands ~

/blacklistdriver <player> ~~ Add a player to the blacklist

/removedriver <player> ~~ Remove a player from the blacklist

/checkdriver <player> ~~ Check if a player is blacklisted or not

Permissions ~

driver.add <-- Gives permission to add user to blacklist

driver.remove <-- Gives permission to remove user from blacklist

driver.check <-- Gives permission to check if the driver is blacklisted <-- If user has this permission they will be blacklisted from driving

IS IN BETA ~~ Report bugs pls <3