CallVote Revived
Voting system for things to happen

Originally made by CryReaper, now revived!

Build #15: Added console support & minimum player requirement option
Build #17: Several fixes for finishing vote too early; percent display shows kind of vote


The plugin allows players to start a vote.


Current votes:

  • Day
  • Night
  • Rain (start/stop)
  • Airdrop (random on map)
  • Airdropall (random but at every player’s spot)
  • Healall (heal everyone)
  • Vehicleall (random vanilla vehicle for everyone)
  • Itemall (Itemid) (give everyone an item)
  • MaxSkills
  • Unlock (unlock every vehicle)
  • Kick (Player) (kick someone)
  • Mute (Player) (mute someone for a set amount of minutes decided in config)
  • Spy (Player) (anonymously vote to spy someone; on success everyone besides the suspect will know who got spied and will have access to the spy screenshot)
  • Custom (Text) (does nothing)


All votes can be enabled/disabled in config and require the permission cvote and cvote.[vote name]

You can change the vote cooldown, vote progress time and the required % of the players that need to vote for it so it works (/cv or /cvote) in the configuration file.

The aliases of the votes can be changed or used as alternative/translated names.

There are also options to notify when the cooldown is over, to include the caller as a voter immediately and to finish the vote before the time is up.


Any suggestions?