Allows admins to create custom spawn points

updated libraries to fix a potential issue

Allows admins to create custom spawn points.
As a player spawn the player will be teleported to one of the custom spawns, if no custom spawns exist they will spawn as normal.
You can set the teleport delay in the config, Though i don’t suggest going under 1000¬†milliseconds.
The players also will have godmode until they are teleported (this can be disabled in the config file)


Added priority spawnpoints, disabled by default in config. if enabled and the priority spawnpoint name in the config is a valid custom spawn they will spawn there (they dont need permission for priorty spawn points),
Also prioritze beds if enabled will take priority over priority the priority spawn point if enabled


  • /spawn – permission:
    <Permission Cooldown=”0″>spawn</Permission>


  • /spawn <add || remove || list> (spawn name)

Adding a spawn:

  • /spawn add (spawn name here), Example: /spawn add bob – creates a spawn called bob where you are standing

Removing a spawn:

  • /spawn remove (spawn name here), Example: /spawn remove bob – removes the spawn bob if it exist

List all current spawns:

  • /spawn list – list all current custom spawns

Teleport to a spawn:

  • /spawn (spawn name)

Extra Permissions:

  • spawnpoint.all : gives the permission group permission to use all spawn points
  • spawnpoint.(spawn name) : lets the permission group be able to use specified spawn custom spawn point

Extra info:

  • You can set it in the config to have players teleported to their beds instead of spawns if they have a bed claimed

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