Gives you magazines for the gun you are holding


  • Updated libraries to fix potential issues with rocket

Extra permissions:

  • <Permission Cooldown=”0″>easyammo.bypasslimit</Permission> – bypass mag spawning limit
  • <Permission Cooldown=”0″>ammo.amount</Permission> – Required for players to be able to spawn more than 1 mag using /ammo
  • <Permission Cooldown=”0″>dropammo.amount</Permission> – Required for players to be able to drop more than 1 mag using /dropammo
  • <Permission Cooldown=”0″>clonei.amount</Permission> – Required for players to be able to clone a item more than once using /clonei
  • <Permission Cooldown=”0″>easyammo.bypassblacklist</Permission> – Bypass the item blacklist
  • <Permission Cooldown=”0″>clonei.bypassblacklist</Permission> – Bypass the item blacklist for clonei



Do /ammo (amount) or /ammo to get magazines for the current weapon you are holding.

Just doing /ammo will give you one magazine of your currently equipped gun


  • tweak /ammo to spawn in the magazine currently in your held weapon (if there are
    any developers that can help me with this i would appreciate it)

Additional Notes:
– if you have ScaleCostByWeaponDamage enabled it will override PerBulletCostMultiplier
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