Send players to jail


I am not the creator of this plugin, i am just updating it to the latest rocketmod version.

i am not adding stuff/fixing stuff.

All credit goes to: ApokPT. Source: https://dev.rocketmod.net/plugins/apok-jailtime/

And credit to: Lossy for updating a few parts of the plugin.


JailTime allows the caller to create Jail Cells and place players in them. Players in Jail Cells cannot move more then X yards from the cell and will die/teleport back to the cell if they move too far (disconnect and suicide will also teleport you back to the cell).

You also have the option to define if a Jailed player is banned for X seconds if he decides to disconnect while in jail.

Available Commands

/jail set <cell> creates a cell at callers location
/jail unset <cell> deletes the cell
/jail list cells show the list of created cells
/jail add <player> <time> <cell> add a player to a cell for time seconds (if a cell is not defined, it will choose a random one; if time is not defined it will use Config time)
/jail remove <player> remove a player from jail
/jail list players show the list of arrested players
/jail teleport <cell> teleports caller to cell

Available Permissions

<Command>jail</Command> allow caller to set/unset/list cells and add/remove/list players
<Command>jail.immune</Command> group is immune to jail (admin has this by default)

Other Options

KillInsteadOfTeleport Kill player that move away from the cell instead of teleporting them.
BanOnReconnect Ban player that reconnects while in jail.
BanOnReconnectTime Time for ban on reconnect (set 0 for permanent)
WalkDistance Maximum distance a player can move from the cell center
JailTimeInSeconds Default jail time in seconds when not defined