(UPDATED 06.11.2016) A plugin which provides configurable regiones for Unturned

Latest update: 06.11.2016

  • Updated to latest rocket 


With this plugin, you can for example allow players to protect their houses with this (limits also configurable – max size and/or max count of region per player/group, but this isn’t implemented yet), or just add safezones to the map how you like it. Also 3rd party plugins can integrate into this plugin and add custom flags.


Do you know WorldGuard from Minecraft? This is something like that.


Please report bugs at the issue tracker:

 Issue tracker: click


/rpos 1: Define first position of a rectangular region

/rpos 2: Define second position of a rectangular region

/rcreate <name> [rectangle | circle <radius> ] : Create a new region


  • /rcreate MyBase circle 250 -> create a circle region with its center set to your position with a radius of 250 meters


/rremove <name>: Deletes a region

/rflag <region> <flagname> <flagvalue> [-g <group>]: Set flags for a region (e.g. disallow pickup/dropping, toggle zombiespawn etc…). Group can be OWNER, MEMBER, NONMEMBER and ALL. These are not rocket permission groups. Not all flags support groups (for example, NoZombies and NoDestroy do not).

You can use /rflag <region> <flag> –help to see some infos


  • /rflag SpawnRegion NoZombies true
  • /rflag SpawnRegion NoEquip true -g NONMEMBERS -> this sets “NoEquip” true for players which aren’t added via /rmember or /rowner. Since owners and members are not affected, they can equip items for example.
  • /rflag SpawnRegion NoLeave true: When not setting group with -g, it will set it automatically to ALL. So all players won’t be able to leave that region.
  • /rflag SpawnRegion NoLeave –help: Will show description, usage and current value of the flag


/coords: Show current coordinates (useful for measuring radius for circles etc)

/rlist: Show all regions

/rowner <add/list/remove> <region> <player>: Add/Remove an owner to a region or list all owners of that region

/rmember <add/list/remove> <region> <player>:  Add/Remove a member to a region or list all members of that region

/rteleport <Region>: Teleport to a region (use /rflag <Region> Teleport to set teleport position)

/rinfo: Author, license info and link to source. If you don’t include this command, you have to provide a link to the source code to anyone upon request!


Flag use permission: regions.flag.<flagname>


Format: Name <value>: Description (<flagvalue> on /rflag)

  • EnterMessage <msg>: Message shown when entering a region
  • EnterEffect <id>: Effect to trigger when entering a region
  • EnterURL <url>: URL to open when entering a region
  • LeaveMessage <msg>: Message shown when leaving a region
  • LeaveEffect <id>: Effect to trigger when leaving a region
  • LeaveURL <url>: URL to open when leaving a region
  • UnlimitedGenerator <true/false>: Unlimited fuel all for generators in the region
  • Teleport <none>: Set location of /rteleport (uses your position as value)
  • Godmode <true/false>: Gives players inside the region godmode
  • NoVehiclesUsage <true/false>: can players use vehicles in this region?
  • NoEnter <true/false>: Don’t allow players to enter a region
  • NoLeave <true/false>: Don’t allow players to leave a region
  • NoPlace <true/false>: Players can place structures (sandbags, walls, pillars…)
  • NoDestroy <true/false>: Players can destroy strucutres (sandbags, walls, pillars…)
  • NoEquip <true/false>: Players inside region can’t equip anything
  • NoEquipWeapon <true/false>: Players inside region can’t equip weapons (if you have NoEquip you don’t need to set NoEquipWeapon)
  • NoZombies <true/false>: Prevent zombie spawn



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